What Will Our Work Look Like?

• We can refine your goals.

• Working together can help you reach your goals faster – as you’re coached through a consistent structure of support and feedback.

• We can create a plan for you to move forward in your life's work.

• We’ll need to about 3 months to begin to see changes.  Most single goals can be reached in 1 year.

• Together, we can identify your unique strengths and resources to make a  bigger, or more meaningful, impact in the world.

  1. We can work on reducing stress and other things you may tolerate too much of.

• We can work to simplify your life


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is goal centered one-on-one personal support.  People usually seek out a life coach because they want to realize a significant change in their lives. You deserve this kind of support if you think you need it. And you can afford it. If you feel you need support realizing change in an organization, please see my OD consulting firm Insight Unlimited